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When my own children entered school, I saw a vast difference in the education system I had studied in and the one in India.

In the USA, I grew up in an environment where students not only learned on their own, but also added to their learnings each year. The slate was not wiped clean after exams. On the other hand, my children here were trapped in a vicious cycle of ‘rote, replicate and forget’ soon after the exam - all encouraged by the Indian education system.

The first Little Geniuses were my own two kids. I showed them that learning could be fun; letters came to life, like King E or Shy Y. Pronouns fought Adjectives while Gerunds and Verbs competed for attention. Vocabulary became clearer when studied under the microscope of etymology. The English language, after all, is a reflection of our world’s history.

From my own two came their friends. And then, friends of friends. Little Genius has grown from a humble dining table to classrooms at five centres to packed auditoriums just through word of mouth. And now, to a limitless online audience.

- Janet Shah


little Genius Founder-Janet Shah
Janet Shah

Janet Shah grew up in the U.S.A. Upon her return, she quickly realized that education in India needed to be more integrated and cohesive with a focus on independent learning. Her MBA helped her create scientifically designed programs, which focused on core concepts. Working with her own kids, she understood that there should be ‘fun in learning the fundamentals’. This is the guiding principle Little Genius is built on.

"I am a teacher by chance, an educationist by choice."

Little Genius Co-Founder-Tanya Shah
Tanya Shah

Tanya Shah, an MBA from IIM-Indore, believes education is the most potent catalyst for growth and change. Change must begin at our grassroots - our children. She is invested in helping equip them with the right skills, values and knowledge. These little leaders will be responsible for the world of tomorrow.

"From reading about history to writing history - our children are our future."


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