Benefits of Volunteering from An Early Age

Jul, 11 2022

We have to prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child.
- Tim Elmore

We, as parents want the best of everything for our children. We want them to have more than what we did but what we usually fail to see is, that their world cannot be made perfect. However, what we can do is, raise them in such a way that they make their world ideal. We can make them see that success is not materialism and money but it is being content and happy. It is a good night’s sleep after completing a task rightfully. There is no right way to raise children but there are some ways that parents can use to raise their children to be good people. Some of these ways include:

  • Nurturing empathy
  • Encouraging them to lift up others
  • Teaching them good manners
  • Treating them with kindness and respect
  • Teaching them to be disciplined and responsible
  • Teaching them to be responsible 

Now, the above points sound easy to do, but like most things, they are easier said than done. One opportunity to inculcate these in your children is volunteering. It is often overlooked or frowned upon when children are in school. Most parents don’t want their children to visualise this world’s hardships. Volunteering not only focuses on helping others but also inculcates some fundamental core values in your children. Some benefits of volunteering are listed below:


Teaches appreciation

It is often difficult for children to understand how lucky they are to have what they have. An education, loving parents, resources to excel, good clothes to wear and a shelter over their heads. The majority of the Indian Society is not privileged and it’s important that the children see and realise this. It will teach them to appreciate little things and be grateful for them. 


Enhances awareness

Parents like to create a bubble of happiness and perfection around their children but in doing so, they sometimes forget that that’s not real life. Volunteering for causes that you believe in or in causes that may interest your children helps raise the standard of that bubble. It makes them aware of situations outside their home. With awareness comes empathy, a fundamental state that every being should experience. 


Develops life skills

When you take your children to volunteer, it’s not just observation of their surroundings that they are doing. Various NGOs have programs where children can participate. These programs may include very basic activities like distributing something, planting trees, painting for fundraisers, etc. These activities help in the development of life skills that one may not see in the near future. But they prepare our children for a greater and kinder tomorrow. Some of these skills include management, leadership, communication, art and balance. 


Builds social skills

Volunteering involves interaction. The interaction can be with people of any age. It can also be with animals based on the type of volunteering project you select. These interactions can improve communication and social skills, it can make enhance children’s thoughts and even vocabulary at times. It helps them word their thoughts and feelings more constructively. Their expressions are also benefitted from it. 


Raises confident individuals

Volunteering also helps children meet people from different races and backgrounds. It slowly teaches them about various grounds that they can talk about. Apart from that, it takes children outside their comfort zone both physically and mentally. This builds their physical and mental health. With better overall health, children become more confident individuals. Confidence is really important for people to be able to excel and face real-life scenarios without being afraid of failure. 


Grows a sense of purpose

We, as parents know the importance of having a purpose in life. It keeps us motivated to go ahead. That purpose can be anything from achieving a goal to being a better person or making the world a better place or simply doing well at a job. Kids take time to develop a sense of purpose. For them, it’s all school and play. However, by volunteering their minds can be guided towards developing a sense of purpose gradually. It takes time but it is certainly a positive step towards it.

Little Genius, with its various leadership courses for kids in Ahmedabad and Vadodara, along with other courses like English Enrichment, Spoken English, Reading classes, etc. strongly emphasizes the importance of volunteering. We want our kids to become strong, confident and empathetic human beings. We also have a volunteering program of our own called Nanhe Ustaad where we teach underprivileged children. Remember, change begins at home.

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