How do I cope with my childs online classes?


Jul, 22 2021

COVID has brought many changes in our kids lives and that makes it difficult for us to deal with our own changes. Life was simpler and more organised when kids used to go to school. We had more time to ourselves Many parents are having trouble managing the kids and the housework together. Working moms are more stressed than ever.

However, just because we are in a pandemic doesnt mean we cant have an organised and hassle-free life as well. Sure, it will take some time to adapt. But if kids can do it, so can we! Keeping in light the stress of working from home and online classes for kids, here are a few ways to help you cope with changes.


Teach your children independence

Just because we have a new way of learning doesnt mean that you have to sit with your children all the time. Allow your children to sit in classes, learn and work independently. This helps boost their confidence and prepares them for more practical experiences. Its okay if the grades arent all As. Nobody remembers their Grade 1 scores, but other things learnt during the same time will never be forgotten. While theyre getting ready for their future, you be prepared for yours!


Make the right investments

Find ways to save time and make life convenient. With online learning, a good WiFi connection is a must. A printer will reduce your visits to the stationery shop and save you time and effort. A good table and chair will help your child maintain the right posture while studying, while a pair of headphones will help them focus better.


Divide the load

If your child is young, take turns with your partner to watch him/ her. If you live in a joint family, involve the grandparents. The grandparents will love the feeling of being involved in their growth and learning. This whole pandemic, theyre the ones who have had to be the most careful by staying at home. So why not turn that into an opportunity for bonding?

If you have two or more children, involve the siblings in taking care of each other. It will not only make their bond stronger, but also take some pressure off of you. The elder child will learn responsibility and the younger one, obedience.


Manage your time

Schedules and checklists are as important for parents as they are for their children. It gives structure to your life and helps you look forward to smaller goals. Dont let small things stress you out. You may have to sacrifice some battles if you want to win the war.


Trust your teachers

Just like you, the teachers are also learning newer ways of teaching and helping children adapt. Trust your teachers to do the right thing for your children and try to implement their suggestions. Communicate with them when you feel your child isnt coping. And do not forget to be empathetic towards them. Remember, theyre in this with you.


The Power of Self-care

Dont underestimate the impact of self-care. That one cup of tea with your own thoughts, or a long shower will help you get through your day peacefully. You are also going through the pandemic & your body and mind are doing a lot for you. Dont you think they deserve something from you in return?


Celebrate your victories

Just because you are a parent doesnt mean you have to do everything. Give yourself a break and celebrate small victories. You managed cooking while your child was finishing his homework? Thats great! Give yourself a pat on your back and eat that extra scoop of ice cream post-dinner. Take some time out to do things that you enjoy.

Team Little Genius hopes that these methods help you and your children go a long way!

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