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Tips to Raise Independent Kids

Nov, 29 2021

Parenthood is a complicated job. Parents must teach their children to be resilient and independent in this competitive world. This training must start when the kids are young because its a long and excruciating process. Remember, great things can happen with children when they are away from their parents.

When a parent does everything for his child, he ends up teaching his kid helplessness. The intentions may be good, but the results may not always be the best.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. An independent child will go ahead and conquer the world on his own terms. He will be able to face difficult situations and be strong enough to fight his battles.


Let your kids take responsibility

It is better to allow your child to accomplish tasks on his own than to help him with everything. These tasks can include activities like making his bed, setting up his desk, cleaning his room, doing his homework, etc. This will establish a sense of responsibility in your children and build confidence. Children should be curious and enthusiastic to understand and solve problems.

At Little Genius, we encourage kids to do their homework without parental support. When a child is unable to answer a question asked in class, tutors guide them to arrive at the answer themselves. We give them the tools and methods to solve problems instead of doing it for them.


Dont worry about small failures in decision making

It is easier to learn from ones own mistakes than from others mistakes. Let your children make their decisions even if they are wrong. They may fail at times but learning has to become a part of the process of failing. Like our director says, There can be no adaptation without adversity. Allow kids to take charge of their lives. In the process of making their own decisions, they will start becoming street-smart.


Reward efforts and normalize failures

Failures can be difficult to watch, but they can set kids up for a lifetime of success. Tell your kids that it is okay to fail and celebrate participation. It is more important for them to take responsibility and participate in an activity instead of not being a part of that activity due to fear of failure. Failures will take them ahead in life and eventually make them better judges for themselves.


Encourage family contributions

A family is a joint effort. And why must that effort be just of the elders? Let your children participate in basic family discussions. Teach them to have and voice considerate opinions about the functioning of your family. Give them facts about various situations and let them come to their conclusions. Active participation will teach them the difference between right and wrong. Implementing their suggestions also makes their opinions feel valued. It gives them the confidence to take the lead in the future.

The contributions made at home, schools, etc. teach them teamwork. Being able to work in a team cordially is an important quality of a leader. With our Junior CEOs program, we provide different opportunities to children through games, activities, discussions where they can form and express their opinions.


Provide them with an allowance

Financial independence is an important feat to achieve. Teach your children how to save and spend money. Tell them the difference between splurging and spending on needs. Give them an allowance and let them understand how to suffice themselves within that allowance. Guide them to save up for their wants. Early lessons with money usually stay till the end of their lives.


Teach them the art of negotiation

Negotiation is a necessary part of life. It is useful when one is applying for a job, making purchases or starting a business. You can start with letting them negotiate for punishments or their decisions. Ask what they feel would be an appropriate punishment or compensation. However, remember to not get agitated when they speak up. They arent talking back, just learning to survive. Be mindful that the goal of this is to teach them a new skill.

The Junior CEOs program has mock interviews where children play the role of employers and employees. We teach them negotiation etiquette and prepare them for the future early on in life.


Dont be a manager to your child

A child will stop being curious when everything is served to her on a platter. The best does not come by micromanaging them at all times, but rather giving them the space to grow. It might sound harsh, but it is true. Remember your childhood and think of all the major lessons you learnt, mistakes you made or happy memories you had. Most of them would have been when away from your parents. Instead of hovering around your children all the time, let them create their own space and figure their identities out. Also, trust that you have raised them right.

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