How do I help my child cope with online classes?


Jul, 22 2021

The transition from offline to online is one of the toughest the children of this generation have to go through. Children may respond to this stress and drastic transition in unpredictable ways, leading to changed behavior. They can become more argumentative, depressed or lose interest in daily activities. With no social gatherings and limited ways of keeping children engaged, we need to find better ways of helping our children cope.

Online learning has made the role of parents even more important and extensive. Without effective support, online learning may not be as productive.

Here are 6 different hacks to help you and your child cope with online studying with decent levels of engagement.


Create a timed schedule and a checklist

A good schedule helps you set expectations. It makes goals more tangible and achievable. A lack of routine leads to stress, poor sleeping and eating habits and, ineffective use of time. To avoid this, create a checklist along with a schedule. This will not only help your child think creatively, but also boost his/her health, morale and self-esteem. If the checklist is completed by the end of the day, reward your child for good behavior.


Give positive feedback and reinforcement

Positive feedback makes children feel better. When children feel better, they do a better job. That, in turn, makes them more confident. It's a virtuous cycle. Create an incentive and reward system for good behavior. The more you reward for good behavior, the better they will perform.


Allocate separate spaces for study and play

A clutter-free desk or working area will increase focus and concentration. Clean your childs working area along with them and do it as a bonding activity. It sets a good example for your child to get organised. Ensure the study space isnt close to a bed to avoid lethargy.


Facilitate social interactions

Social interactions are essential for the development of a childs Emotional Intelligence. A simple experience like borrowing an eraser helped develop friendships and taught the importance of sharing in offline sessions.

Online interactions may go a long way to compensate for a loss like this. Set up a Zoom play-date with friends once a week. Also find board games you can play together as a family. A game of Monopoly may inspire your child to become the CEO of a real estate company!


Add exercise hours to their timetable

With online schools and classes, an exercise hour in the daily routine is very helpful. Physical exercises release happy hormones and increase energy. Make physical exercises a priority and do them with your children. Remember! To enjoy the glow of good health, one must exercise.


Dont try to cut trees with a blunt axe

Mental fatigue in kids is real! As the story of the wood cutter goes, one must take time out to sharpen their axe before wanting to cut many trees. Learning must be a process with an element of fun. Make sure your child is having fun, taking breaks in between, eating and, sleeping well. A well-rested mind has the power to function better and produce effective results. With a well-balanced schedule, the online learning mode will help your child ace his studies.

Happy Learning!

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