How do I make my child a better speaker

Apr, 10 2023

Every parent wants their child to acquire skills that can prove to be useful in all spheres of life. We live in a social world and it is important for children to be able to make their presence felt. The goal is to ensure that our children have basic skills and confidence when they finally have to step out of their cocoons. Basic skills include public speaking and communication skills. These skills can be acquired with proper guidance at home and schools. It is easy with children who are naturally outgoing, but with kids who are shy or introverted by nature need more and different ways with which they can develop these skills.

Public speaking is not only about talking in front of an audience, it is also about talking to people around them. We have thoughtfully curated some tips that will help you in training your kids with their speaking abilities.


Make videos of your children

Make their videos when they are singing, practicing for any of their programs or reciting poems. Encourage them while you are at it, and after that, show them their videos. This process will help them visualize themselves and they will automatically change their styles at points where they think they could do better. Also, you can point out their mistakes at the end of their videos so that they can see it from different perceptions.


Ask them general questions everyday

Try to ensure that your questions require detailed answers instead of yes/no questions. This gives them a chance to express themselves and it also helps you know what their routine outside of home looks like.

Some questions that you can ask your kids are:

● How was your day? What classes did you have today?

● What did you learn today?

● How is it going with your friends?

● What are your plans for ______ event?

● Tell us more about your extracurricular activities.


Listen and talk to your children

Children want to be heard at all times. So, listen carefully when they are talking to you and pay attention to the smaller details. This way you can correct them if and when necessary and add some more words to their vocabulary. Children also like to showcase anything new that they learn. The words you teach them are likely being used by them in their schools.


Make the right use of the telephone

You may have noticed that little children love to talk on the phone. They look at the telephone with a lot of curiosity. Make good use of this opportunity. Help them with their speech when they are talking to their grandparents, relatives, cousins, etc. Prepare them with conversation starters. Teach them how to respond.


Encourage independent talks

Boost them to speak when someone asks them a question in public spaces. Let them read the menu when you go out to restaurants and order for themselves. These little acts of speaking will take them a long way ahead when they have to live independently.


Make reading books a habit

Books are the best teachers. The more they read, the more they will learn. Start with simpler books. Help them read aloud. When you do those exercises at home, their life becomes easier at school.

We, at Little Genius strongly encourage our children to develop good reading, writing and speaking skills. We believe that these are the skills that will help them with their job interviews, travelling, personal and professional relationships, etc. Our Reading Program for Kids, English Enrichment Program, and Leadership Courses for Kids in Ahmedabad, Vadodara are all programs that will help our kids develop impeccable skills for their future.

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