How to teach public speaking to your children

Mar, 20 2023

Communication allows us to form connections and influence decisions. It represents expression and the ability to progress in working & non-working life. Speech anxiety or stage fear is a common phenomenon that people develop as they grow. We must try to prevent this as much as possible so our children can become better communicators and leaders for the world of tomorrow. Public speaking is essential for the following reasons:
1. To win over a crowd
2. To motivate people
3. To inform people

Public speaking is a skill that kids need to develop for both smaller and larger encounters with the people that they will come across throughout their entire lives. It is a skill that can define their formative years and has a strong impact on their confidence levels. It is not only about standing in front of a crowd and talking, it’s about addressing people around them and forming meaningful conversations.

With the importance of these skills in mind, here are some tips that will help you teach your kids public speaking with ease.

1. Practice more, study less

Studying again and again for speeches doesn’t make sense as it doesn’t take care of parts like voice modulation, eye contact, expressions and body language. Sure, it can help you memorise a speech but the presentation skills can only be honed by practicing practically. You can start by watching various speeches with your children, discuss them and let them perform it the way they want in front of an audience.

2. Give them constructive feedback

At the end of their speeches, you can give them feedback. It doesn’t mean that you tell them you liked it all the time. Donot worry about grammatical errors in the beginning. Give them feedback with value. Tell them about the instances where their tones where good and where they could have been better. Talk to them about their expressions and eye contact.

3. Play with them- Fun impromptu games

Impromptu games are one way to build confidence among children quickly. It helps them think on the spot and speak their views. This approach is essential to help theme think outside the box. Some of these games that you can play with them are - Word spin, The road game, On-spot debates, etc.

4. Record their practice sessions

Sometimes, the easiest way to make improvements is when you can see yourself in the same way that the audience does. With recordings, it becomes easier for kids to work on their setbacks and feel good about the parts where they did well.

With public speaking, there are also other things that children need to learn. This includes their body posture, their presentation and dressing skills, the right kind of props if they have to use them.

We have selected a few topics that you and your kids can choose from to practice public speaking.

These are simple topics that can be practiced by children of all age groups.

1. Why I love my parents
2. My imaginary friend
3. My favourite song
4. My best friend
5. Importance of forests
6. My family and traditions
7. My last summer vacation
8. What I want to become after growing up

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