Importance of Developing Soft Skills

May, 09 2022

Soft skills are attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. They are also known as common/ core skills. Parents often focus on children’s grades and performance at school academically and usually miss out on soft skills. We strongly believe that that must not happen. Soft skills are essential in order to communicate with others successfully, increase productivity, maintain businesses, build positive attitudes and have better problem-solving skills. These skills describe your approach to life and relationships. Not only that, but they also affect every aspect of one’s career.

Following are the important aspects considered in building soft skills:

  • Time management
  • Networking
  • Teamwork
  • Creative thinking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Responsibility
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Flexibility 

It can become difficult to teach children soft skills separately. Hence, it is better to incorporate the use of soft skills into their day to day life. With a practical approach like that, they will easily master the qualities they need in life without even realising it.


Learning through play

Children absorb knowledge faster than adults during their developing ears. They can learn easily by just observing and doing things. Fun games and activities can help children’s soft skills. For eg- solving puzzles can make them better problem solvers later in life. It can also help them build a good memory. Leader of the blindfolded is a game that you can explore with your children to help them enhance their leadership traits.


Learning from their mistakes

Decision making is a very important part of everyone’s adulthood. Playing “Would you rather” is a great way for children to practice decision making. You can ask them about their thought process behind each answer and help them see differently wherever required. Give them smaller decision making tasks at home like how much food to order or how many clothes to put in the washing machine at a time. Correct them when they over/underdo it and praise them when their decisions are apt. Smaller mistakes and learning from them will take them ahead in their life. 


Learning from art

Encouraging kids to express themselves via arts and crafts is a great way to explore their curiosity and polish their creativity. You can choose one day of a week or month depending on your schedule and comfort to be the “Expressions” day. Turn one wall of your house into a gallery of their creations and see them shine. You can even put up a whiteboard for them to draw on/ decorate every day. 


Learning through negotiation

Being sensitive and persuasive is an important part of developing personal communication skills. Allow your kids to make compromises with you and vice-versa. For eg- make them eat all their vegetables for dinner in exchange for staying up at night for 10 minutes more. Or don’t buy them their favourite chocolate unless they clean their room. This will teach your kids how to negotiate and be sensitive to others’ feelings. 


Learning from examples

Children are excellent observers and they usually pick up from the adults in their house. So, create a positive environment in your house. Strive to be a motivating parent. Congratulate your kids on their success and help them look at the positive parts of their failure. Most importantly, encourage them to always try and achieve their goals regardless of difficulties. 


Learning by following a strong work ethic

A strong work ethic can help children excel in school and in work when they grow up. Teach your kids to be punctual, and set timetables for them whenever possible. This can teach them time management, attention to detail and dependability. Teach them how to watch the clock and make sure they are ready 10 minutes before they leave for some event or school or a playdate. You can always use the extra 10 minutes to spend quality time with your children. 

Little Genius with its business program and management skills focuses on the overall development of children. We believe that only good grades will not bring a child success. Soft skills are equally important. We hope this article helps you teach your children some basic soft skills at home without making it a teaching lesson.

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