Importance Of Logical Reasoning In The 21st Century

Jan, 23 2023

The ability to reach the correct conclusion by using a set of facts, assumptions and arguments is basically a quality that determines how logical a person is. The conclusions of logical reasoning are based solely on the truth of the premises. Younger children usually yearn to know everything around them. They sometimes can have questions beyond the acceptable levels of logical reasoning also.

Logical reasoning, cognitive ability and critical thinking are skills that children and people need in every phase of life to make informed decisions. These skills can be obtained over time with various aptitude exercises, reasoning and thinking activities. They can also help children differentiate between right and wrong. With a changing world and the fast-paced development of new technologies, children should be able to be critical and creative thinkers. They should be able to do much more than just read and pass exams.

Here are some reasons why children must develop good logical reasoning skills:
1. It improves their critical thinking skills.
2. It activates and exercises their brain.
3. It serves as a foundation for their scientific and math concepts.

It is possible that at first, you may not feel like toddlers and young children need to develop logical reasoning at that age. Still, parents must understand that during the early years, laying the groundwork for these skills is much easier and more effective as children are more adaptive.

Some ways of developing logical reasoning in children are listed below:


Through worksheets and games

The advancement of technology has really made it easy to make everything we need accessible. We have listed a few sites where you can play these games with your children.



Sorting various shapes.

Some sorting shapes games that you can play with your kids are - Twin towers, sorting letter blocks, making various shapes out of the available material, etc.


Treasure hunt.

A treasure hunt is an activity where you really don’t need to buy the actual apparatus. All you need to do is, hide things and give clues to your children and let them find the hidden things with your given clues!


Asking questions.

This is one of the best old-school methods to help children develop essential life skills. Ask them questions and ask them why.

Methods of teaching logical reasoning can also be upgraded with time and age. Not all methods will work for all age groups. Let them experience the world around them and take it from there. Be open to their questions and mistakes. How you can upgrade the methods based on age are given below:

A) Toddlers:

● Foster imagination with pretend play

● Help them put language to their feelings and emotions

B) Preschoolers:

● Give them time for unstructured and free play

● Ask them open-ended questions

● Teach them how to make patterns and connections

● Encourage trial and error

C) Elementary age:

● Encourage problem-solving and accept mistakes

● Ask them to assess their decisions

● Accept failures

● Limit screen time 

The math world program at Little Genius helps children understand numbers, manage information, think critically and come to solutions. We also help them focus on the interdependence between science, history and geography, various cultures of the world, development of technology, etc. Our analytical reasoning classes, business program and management skills are designed to make your kids smart, confident and successful.

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