Importance of Skill Based Learning

Apr, 24 2023

Skill based learning is an approach to education that focuses on developing practical skills and competencies that apply to real world situations rather than just acquiring information. Learning and scoring good grades mean nothing without skills. Skills and education must coexist for children to become smart, successful and independent adults. Learning via action must become an important educational component to achieve the relevant skills that this life demands. Practical assessments that test the skills encourage students to think, evaluate and apply what they have learnt. Most Indian schools don't offer skill based education hence, it becomes our duty to teach children the right kind of skills to excel in life.

Given below are some advantages of skill based learning:



Children can bridge the gap between theory and applicability with skill based learning. This increases their proficiency levels. This type of learning can also help them think out of the box and figure out multiple ways of doing the same thing.


Gaining experience

Physical experiences are usually missed out in traditional ways of teaching. With a more practical approach, students can gain more experience that can help them in future. It is easier for the brain to register something that has been done compared to something that has only been read about.


Enhances creativity

With skill based learning, one can also encourage kids to participate in various hobbies like dancing, singing, acting, painting, public speaking, etc. So, the benefits of skills can extend beyond specific abilities.


Promotes independence and teamwork

Skill based learning can fine-tune students’ minds. With the right skills, they learn to be more self-assured. Along with independence, they can also learn how to work in teams and rely on each other’s strengths.


Develops social and communication skills

Practical learning can also teach the basics of how to be in different social environments and respond appropriately. They are taught how to push their boundaries, develop new vocabulary and converse which can help them become better orators and communicators.


Teaches empathy and perspective

Empathy is a very significant and underestimated skill. Only theoretical learning without any practical knowledge develops a blind sense of competition. Students need to be able to visualise themselves in another’s shoes and evaluate situations. In future, their perception of people will make them better at their jobs.

The current world demands skill-based education more than ever. Rote learning does not help children grow. Children deserve an education that prepares them for the real world. Little Genius emphasizes the importance of skill-based learning now more than ever. Our business program and management skills, leadership courses for kids in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and our analytical reasoning classes- all encourage a skill-based learning system for a better and brighter future for our kids.

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