Kinesthetic Multiplication Activities for Kids

Jun, 12 2023

Multiplication for kids can be extremely challenging especially if they are working on assignments after assignments without an element of fun attached to it. A game of hopscotch can be a great way to learn multiplication with an energetic class or for your kids at home.

Hopscotch games can be set up using common items like chalk, a marker or tape in your living rooms or verandahs. To begin the game, have a child jump on number 1, then roll the dice. After that, tell your child to multiply the number by 1 and say the answer out loud. After that, the child can jump onto number 2. Repeat the process of rolling the dice and ask the child to multiply the dice number by 2. This game can be continued till the end of the board.

Just as the game described above, different hopscotch games can be designed for kids like the doubles hopscotch, and hopscotch for threes. This can also be made into a competitive activity if there are more kids involved. The child who answers all the questions correctly and reaches the end of the board, wins.

Here’s a possible doubles hopscotch board for you to understand this game better.

There are also other more permanent multiplication activities for kids that can be designed like snakes and ladders with a 3x table, multiplication bingo or multiplication flash cards. Here’s how you can play multiplication bingo:

Some other games that you can play with your kids to make math easy are described as follows:


Stack sticks to practice tally marks

Small wooden sticks or twigs can be used for this game. Make sure your kids dont hurt themselves while collecting sticks or twigs.


Fish for numbers

Make a magnetic fishing stick and throw in some numbers in the water. Ask your kid to fish them in the right order or according to your multiplication questions.


Identify time on a giant clock

Make a giant clock with chalk on the floor with the minute and hour hands. Tell your kids to stand at the time you want them to.


Take them on a nature walk and learn

Here, you can conduct activities like, count the number of flowers on your way, categorise them according to their color, etc.

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