The Parent Edition

Feb, 13 2023

The beginning of a year can be the time for reinvention, fresh starts and new beginnings. You can look back at the previous year and pat yourself for overcoming all the difficulties and hardships. Parenting is a journey full of ups and downs. Understanding kids is a challenge that all of us face. In this fast-paced world, the challenges also evolve as quickly and swiftly as one can think of. The parenting hacks that worked two years ago, may not be relevant this year. In order for our kids to excel, we must evolve ourselves and our methods of raising them to the current standards, before COVID, who would have thought that online education would become such an important part and parcel of all our lives or that everything that we need would become so easily accessible. But it did, and with time, our methods also changed.

This year, we thought, we would bring to you a list of resolutions that you could use to develop yourself as a parent and enjoy this beautiful journey of raising your kids by breaking chains and staying relevant. 


Rethink the way you spend time with your kids

Most of you parents in this day and age are working. Irrespective of that, there are a million things that people as parents have to take care of. These things include managing the house, managing meals, doctors’ appointments, kids’ homework, laundry, exercise, etc. These chores and errands can be exhausting and you may realise that you are multitasking while you are talking or spending time with your children. This is not fair to the kids. They need your 100% attention when you are with them. So, the time has come for you to change the way you are around your kids. Give them your full attention when they are with you. Listen to them when they are talking and be involved. 


Ensure that your children get enough sleep

Sleep is responsible for recharging bodies. A good sleep routine can help children retain all the information they have learnt during the day and can make them fresh and alert for the next day. It also gives the body time to heal and improve attention, behaviour, learning and memory. Hence, it is important that you ensure a good sleep routine for them. No gadgets 1 hour before sleeping or after waking up should be allowed. Encourage bedtime stories and calming and refreshing thoughts. Make sure the temperature of the room is apt for a good night’s sleep.


Restructure routines. 

It’s not just the children who need a routine, parents also need it. So, after the kids are off to bed and you are done with your chores or when they are at school, take some time off for yourself. It could be as less as 20 minutes a day but have that to reignite yourself or to gather your thoughts and interests. It goes a long way towards a healthy and fulfilling life. 


Demonstrate the behaviour you want to see

Instead of telling kids about the things they should do or how they should behave, it’s better to demonstrate that around them. If you want them to be kind to animals, be kind to animals around them. If you want them to cook, try cooking and talking about cooking with them. Practice what you preach because that’s how kids learn better.


Put a cap on your workday

Don’t drown yourself in work. Try to maintain a work-life-children balance. At some point, you need to stop and breathe.


Pray together as a family

You may follow a certain religion or culture or may be an atheist but it’s always good to have faith. Teach your children how to have faith and pray together as a family. That kind of quality time helps form very strong bonds. It can help you and your children become stronger mentally and stay together through thich and thin in the long run.


Attend all school events

School events are important. They give you valuable assessment for your children and where they need to work and improve and what they are good at. It can help you evaluate your childrens’ personalities better and what kind of extra-curricular activities they are interested in. Not only that, but they also help you evaluate their performances academically and what issues they are facing. At these events, you can also meet othr parents and discuss strategies of how to raise kids and maintain healthy friendships.

Little Genius encourages all the parents to remember that they are not alone in raising kids. Everyone around you is with you in this beautiful journey of raising the leaders, believers and thinkers of tomorrow. Our reading program for kids, leadership program for kids in Ahmedabad, Vadodara motivates children to become a better version of themselves making your life easier.

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