Outdoor Learning: Engaging energetic kids

Jun, 26 2023

Energy is the fuel that powers the boundless potential within any child. Outdoor and energetic activities are important for the gross motor development of children and excessively energetic children need more engaging outdoor activities to help them learn and grow to their full potential.

Some benefits of outdoor learning activities are listed below:

  • Advanced motor skills
  • Lower body mass index
  • Better general health
  • Improved muscle strength
  • Greater self awareness
  • Better communication
  • Appreciation for the environment
  • Foster independence
  • Build resilience
  • Aid with brain development and expand learning space

Here are some engaging outdoor learning activities that you could be a part of with your kids to help them learn more, burn some of that energy and imbibe a healthy lifestyle. 


Texture scavenger hunt

Place different nature objects in front of your children after blindfolding them. You could choose objects like leaves, sticks, stones, flowers, etc. Ask them to feel the texture of these objects. After that, tell them to go and fetch similar textured objects from outside and tell them to name the objects.

This will not only enhance their sensory skills but will also teach them how to name different objects. Additionally, you could also ask them to spell the names of these objects to make their spell game stronger!



Gardening has a lot of developmental, physical and psychological benefits. The digging and pulling are good for sensory exploration and building strength. At the same time, you could talk to your kids about different flowers and plants and how to take care of them. It’s a skill that will always come in handy.


Nature hike

A trip in nature with the whole family is always a great idea. It’s an excellent way to bond and teach children about various natural objects that you may come across. Hiking develops strength and on these hikes, you can also teach your kids about what to touch and what not to. For eg- Touching and putting unknown plants in the mouth can be dangerous. And at the same time, they can also be taught textures with items that are safe. 


Chalk jump

For this game, you will need chalks in different colors. Select a safe sidewalk or society lane where you can draw different numbers, letters, fruits, objects etc and then ask your child to jump on them. This is a great way to develop motor skills, use energy, and learn about various things. The topics can vary depending on the age group.


Assemble a nest

Birds make the activity of making a nest look so easy. In reality, it’s not easy to make a nest. Tell your children to build a nest. For that, they will have to scavenge for materials and arrange them in a functional manner. You could also give them some pictorial references. This activity helps in building their practical skills and teaches them to design things that can be functional.


Compost food scraps in a bottle

Food waste is a problem all around the world. Teach your kids how to compost your kitchen scrap and leftover food in a plastic bottle and use that compost for your plants to teach your kids the practical usage and application of composting.


Hula Hoop Clock

This is an extremely playful and fun way to teach your kids time. It is also a very interactive activity. Take a hula hoop and place it on the ground. Write numbers inside it with chalk. Take two sticks- a long and a short one for the hour and minute hand. Tell your kids to arrange the sticks according to the time you tell them.

We, at Little Genius, believe that outdoor activities are very important in a fast-technology-paced world like ours. We believe that we conduct the best English Classes for kids in Vadodara, Ahmedabad, etc and the best Math classes in Surat along with many other subjects but sometimes, it’s nice to slow down and add a different perspective to teaching. We hope you found this article useful and that you can use some of these games at home to play and learn with your child.

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