Reading with digraphs and diphthongs

Jan, 09 2023

Digraphs and diphthongs explain to children how sounds are made and the combination of letters used to make them. The English alphabet comprises 26 letters that include 5 vowels and 21 consonants. The word di in both words means ‘two’. The word digraph means something that is written and has two parts and the word diphthong refers to a sound that has two parts. Make sure your children remember the meaning of these terms and they will never make a mistake with digraphs and diphthongs.

Let’s go over it once again:

Digraphs: Two letters that make one sound. For eg- sh, ch, th, wh, ng, ck, ai, ey, ay, ee, etc. These can also be divided into vowel and consonant sounds.

Diphthongs: They are usually vowel sounds formed by the combination of two vowel sounds. For eg- The sounds in the words, coin or loud.

It is very easy for children to get confused between these terms, hence it is easier to explain this concept through charts. We’ve included a chart below that may help you with teaching your kids how to read and understand the difference between diphthongs and diagraphs.

Reading can be a challenging activity for kids but it can be made fun and easy with the right tools and methods. To know more, you can enrol your child with us at The Little Genius Academy. We have Phonics and Grammar classes in Ahmedabad and Vadodara and with our online phonics classes, you can enrol with us from anywhere. Hope this article helps you teach your children basic concepts with ease.

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