Strategies for tackling homework with kids

May, 29 2023

Homework is something that most kids don’t enjoy doing but they have to do it. Homework is very important in driving academic excellence and inculcating children with important life skills. It develops study skills and work ethics early on in life. Solving problems independently and managing time can boost the confidence of children.

So, we have compiled a set of strategies for you to help your children with their homework and problem-solving abilities.


Designate a specific time for homework every day

A routine is always good for more productivity and better mental health. Set aside a specific time for homework and divide that time between different subjects according to the required priorities. This will help children create a mental cycle that will increase their efficiency.


Create a timeline

In order to create a timeline, you will need to assess which subjects your children need to focus more on. You can assign more time to those subjects which are more difficult for your children. This timeline can be different for different kinds depending on their strengths and age so avoid comparing their progress with other children.


Have a homework/ study area in your home

A positive, clutter-free environment is never a bad idea. Be it for homework and studying or playing zone. Remember that the study area shouldn’t be the same as their play zone. The study area should help them focus. Also, concentrate on their posture while they are finishing homework or studying. Make sure the optimum distance from computers or books is  aintained so that they don’t strain themselves. Their backs should also be straight.


Keep all the resources for completing homework handy

Sometimes, it may not be possible for your children to work on their assignments by themselves. They may need other books or internet support for reference. They may even need you when they don’t understand certain concepts. Make sure that all their resources are ready when they are working to avoid distractions and finish the tasks on hand. Teach them also to prepare and research their resources before they start their homework. This will help to keep their homework time stress-free.


Support your children but try not to help them directly

In order for them to be good at their projects and learn properly, it is important that you do not help them directly or complete their work for them. Sure, you can support them but don’t do their work even if it means that they are going to miss their deadlines. Sometimes missing deadlines is the best way to learn how to complete your work on time and organise yourself properly. A failed attempt or two will prepare them for success in the future.


Work along with them

Some children may not enjoy working by themselves or they may feel like they are the only ones working. In order to prevent this feeling, you can work alongside them. You could either be doing your office work or reading a book or anything that you want to learn. This will encourage your children to finish their work and also increase your knowledge or productivity. Also, teamwork with children is always fun, isn’t it?


Encourage breaks

Just because they have deadlines to meet, it doesn’t mean that they go on working without breaks. Breaks can give your mind rest and increase creativity and productivity. They should be taking breaks between assignments or whenever necessary.


Keep distractions to a minimum

Try to avoid distractions like television, games, etc around them when they are working. The study area can be clean with some motivating quotes for them to feel encouraged with their homework. You can stock the homework area with pens, pencils, calculators, etc.

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