Teach Your Child to Make Rational Decisions

Feb, 07 2022

Decision making is a tough skill and making rational decisions is even tougher. It can be overwhelming to think that children should make decisions on their own. They don’t have the worldly knowledge and experience that adults have. For them, this world is a bubble of perfection. However, decision making is a very important skill that children need to develop to become mature adults. Their decisions will create their life paths. It is necessary that we teach them to do it right so when the time comes, they are able to fly high with bright colours!

Making decisions can have multiple benefits. Speaking for oneself can give one utmost satisfaction. Bad decisions can make children suffer but they also provide them with the experience they need for their adulthood. Most parents make decisions for their children and that is what the popular culture wants you to do - but when you do this, children become poor decision-makers. Our children are supposed to make mistakes so that they can attain a certain level of maturity. It is the parents’ job to correct their bad decisions when making grave, irreversible errors. Some of the reasons why children make bad or poor decisions are:

  • Peer pressure
  • Boredom
  • Lack of consideration of consequences
  • Rebellious nature
  • Lack of understanding of good or bad

In order to raise good decision-makers, you as parents, need to tell your children that they will be responsible for the decisions they make. The decision-making process can be made progressive based on their age and level of maturity. The process of decision making is complex and can be very overwhelming for younger children. They lack experience and usually cannot focus on long term results. You can start by asking your children some basic questions like:

  • Why do you want this?
  • What does this make you feel?
  • What are the possible outcomes of this?
  • What are your other options?
  • Is this in your best interest?

Most children who feel confident enough to make their own decisions will be able to answer the above questions. Their answers will help you teach them the right thing when they are making a mistake. You can also teach them how to make rational decisions by helping them identify the key contributors in that situation. But let them explore their decisions regardless of them being poor or good. Here are some tips you could use to help your children become better and rational decision makers:

  • Try and expose children to the ‘real world’
  • Let them make mistakes
  • Be aware of their interests
  • Stay involved in their lives
  • Help them know themselves

Studies show that children become better decision-makers when they are forced to explain how they solve problems. At Little Genius, we engage children in mentally stimulating problems. This lays the foundation for real-life problem-solving. At our Junior CEOs programme, we develop management skills for kids. This leadership course for kids gives students the tools and understanding they need to make rational decisions. Students are allowed to brainstorm and pitch ideas to solve real-world business case problems.

For eg: What should a person do when he can earn a lot of money but in return may cause deforestation and harm the environment? Problems like these empower kids to think innovatively and overcome obstacles! We hope this article helps you teach your kids how to be better and more rational decision-makers.

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