Tips to make a child a better speaker/reader

Sep, 19 2022

The Governmental Education system has asked students to manoeuvre between fields of science, commerce, and humanities in a very definite manner. So, a lot of parents urge their children to go to science or commerce as there are ample opportunities there. But the academic styles of these fields have certain effects on students. The definiteness of having to stay in one field can be seen as a constraint. Thus, in such an environment or a process, it is difficult to remind students how important it is to take their skills into a market-oriented society and thus to remind them is a parent’s responsibility.

For instance, students studying commerce and entrepreneurship will have to take their academics out of their schools and for that qualities of social conversations and public speaking will be very crucial. For these qualities, the children must be given an encouraging environment from when they are young, they must be shown that socializing with a few concerned people around us is a favourable habit/quality. The terrain of public speaking is gaining a lot of momentum because a lot of fields require people who can address their concerned audiences about the things that need to be communicated.

Encouraging children in programs related to such qualities can help in a lot of ways, some ways to do so are :

  • There are multiple sessions and discussions organized by various active NGOs and if children are included in some of them, they can develop a lot of confidence in speaking up as well as understanding that we as social animals have certain social responsibilities that we must take care of.
  • Making discussions at home inclusive for children is another way to make them feel heard and seen. They must be kindly asked about what they think about the things they watch and listen to in the media.
  • To encourage them to participate in debate competitions, MUNs(model united nations), model parliaments, inter and intra-school quizzes and so on. [This will boost the kids and make them realize that these extra-curricular activities are really fun.]
  • To encourage them to read their school newspapers and other children’s magazines. It has been seen that kids who engage in daily magazines like tinkle, champak, magic pot, etc. develop an acute sense of reading fiction and non-fiction, thus making them avid readers.
    [when teenagers start consuming a constructive part of media, they realise that there are so many important things to talk about, things concerning society, finance, country, etc.]
  • Organizing minuscule family events where everyone talks about something they feel like sharing, thus encouraging the little geniuses to do the same.
    [one of the most important things is to keep the environment safe and open enough for the kids to feel like they can share something important they come across or go through.]
  • At a later stage, encourage them to read newspapers like Economic Times, The Hindu and such, so that they can get a basic understanding of things like the economy, finances, and other aspects of our lives.

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