Golden Key to Success

It is rightly said that “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are always sweet”. Education is very important in one’s life. In fact, education is the key to success. Education does not mean just getting the first rank. Education means achievement and knowledge. Education is something that no one can steal from us. No one can buy an education. There is no age limit for education. There is no limit to education. We can and should keep learning new things.

We should not only learn, but also teach. We should spread the light of knowledge.

Education is like a ladder- a ladder to our dreams and achievements. It never ends; it just goes longer and longer. Everyone can climb it. Whether rich or poor, girl or boy, young or old, everyone has a right to a meaningful education. So, climb this ladder. No money can buy education, no money can own education. Only your own hard work can achieve it. So chase education with all your might. Then, success will chase you!

Education is the key to opening the golden doors of freedom and success!!!

Student Name: Mahek Patel

Age: 12 Years

School: St. Kabir

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