In the past year, education and learning processes for students have undergone a major transformation. At Little Genius Academy, we have always embraced technology. From the digital classrooms at our centers, to online sessions available at the convenience of your home.

How does Little Genius make online learning effortless?

Content that is Optimized for Learning on Screens
Optimized for Learning on Screens

All our content is designed so that children don’t have to squint while reading from the screen. The screen layouts are optimized for easy viewing. Colourful presentations and fun videos catch the attention of the little learners. Vivid pictures help clarify the topics.

1-Hour Sessions, Twice a week
retention of concepts.

Younger children have shorter attention spans. We take short 1-hour sessions, twice a week for decreased screen-time for our children. This ensures that children do not lose focus and have higher retention of concepts.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Process
Comprehensive Evaluation Process

We take tests in each class. This way, we can continuously check whether the child has fully understood and can solve problems independently. We also revise previously taught topics every class, ensuring that your child does not forget easily. Revising topics throughout the year enables more efficient learning.

Tutoring Sessions
Tutoring Sessions

Children can request Tutoring Sessions for any doubts they have from class or school. The group for these sessions remains small and interactive, where a teacher explains topics and resolves queries. The concepts become clear.

Homework Sheets
Homework Sheets

Our homework sheets help children practice and revise. Teachers check these sheets to gauge the child’s understanding and retention from the class. We believe that practice makes perfect.

Regular and Individual Feedback
Individual Feedback

Our Feedback Forms, available after each of our sessions, help parents to communicate their observations for each session. This form also helps us check and assess how well a child has understood topics by checking their test scores. At Little Genius, our foremost priority is to ensure that each child learns and understands each concept.

Scientific Teaching Methods Backed by 20 Years of Experience
Scientific Teaching

We know how to teach children. For the past two decades, our scientific teaching methods have facilitated effective learning for more than 5000 students. Topics are broken down into the basic rules and theories, thereby strengthening the students' core foundation.

Annual Course Revision
Annual Course

At the end of the year, we conduct an Annual Course Revision covering the syllabus from the beginning of the course till the end. Major topics taught from April to January are thoroughly revised through these sessions, refreshing children’s memories and helping them recollect all that they’ve learnt throughout the year. Going through this process means that your child starts the next year with great confidence and a strong foundation. They are able to grasp the new topics easily and keep building upon that foundation.

From Learners to Leaders
Learners to Leaders

Little Genius programs cover aspects of development that your child requires to transition from a learner to a leader.

These courses will train children in the fundamentals of -

English Language, Reading and Communication, Mathematical Skills, Analytical Reasoning, World Knowledge, Business Management

World Knowledge