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How do you train your child to think in English?

English is the one universal language. Unfortunately, in India, English is not the primary language spoken at home. Our children do not get the saturated environment needed to develop requisite skills for effective English communication, leaving them at a disadvantage on a global platform.

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How do you inspire love for mathematics in your child?

The Math World program cultivates children’s natural curiosity about numbers and shapes. It helps them develop a lifelong love of math—which can lay the foundation for academic success. This fun and picture-filled program flexes your children’s math muscles by using real-life sums. Colourful exercises show them different ways in which math is visible in their world. Core fundamentals are taught, revised and revised, and revised… This practice makes them perfect.

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How do you develop business instincts in your child?

Business instincts develop with exposure to situations requiring strategic thinking and decision making. Our Junior CEOs program simulates real world business-scenarios, helping students understand real world problems. They are encouraged to come up with solutions that are unique as well as practical. Along the way, they learn the fundamentals of organisational dynamics, finance, resource planning, marketing etc.

Fun role-plays, case-studies and activities ensure learnings that stay for a lifetime.

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Genius Boy

Little Genius teaches kids the fundamentals: the 'hows' and 'whys', with meticulously designed programs. They integrate learning with fun, ensuring that learning is not a burden. By conducting sessions for only two hours a week, we aim to maximize learning with minimum effort. Our programs focus on understanding instead of rote ensuring optimal learning efficiency as well as long term retention.