Program A Healthy Lifestyle

So, don't you think everything is becoming too easy these days? I mean we just sit back and enjoy life like it's a sitcom. I mean it! I'm not saying don't enjoy life but if you follow these tips, life will have more pleasure than pain.

“I'm getting too fat!”

This is the cry of most people, whether young or old. These days, there is too much junk food in the market. The best solution for the ‘getting-fat’ problem is to follow a normal food routine. No need to diet! Just eat healthily. Eating out once in a while is okay. But, don’t do it every day. One important tip is to eat local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, instead of imported ones. Did you know? Emperor Akbar ate a full course meal only once a day. And that also, when he felt truly hungry, be it in the morning, the evening, or at night. So just be healthy and life will be a joyride. Happiness is also important.

Student Name: Saee Thorat

Age: 12 Years

School: Bright Day School, CBSE, Vasna

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