Neha Thomre

“I appreciate your efforts for making us understand online sessions. You explain it in such a manner so that we can easily operate and attend online sessions. I am personally thankful to Janet maam, Tanya maam and the whole Little Genius team for their hardwork and efforts. You planned it very nicely and executing it so perfectly.. Very good job done... Thank you once again to Little Genius team.”

- Parent of Durva Thomre

Jagdeep Singh

“I have seen so much development in my daughter ever since she started attending the English and WAU Courses and we love the fact that these courses are contributing to her English linguistic skills and IQ. Her understanding and comprehension of English is beyond her age, all thanks to you. The efforts your tutors take to introduce every single topic and further, in strengthening the foundation concepts is praiseworthy. I admire their ability to quickly establish camaraderie with all kids. The WAU Course is also very practical and really informative. This course would help build confidence, gain valuable experiences and learning.”

- Parent of Aarohi Jagdeep Singh

Vidhi Vadodaria

“My son Reet Vadodaria joined Little Genius 6 months ago for the Foundation Building - Advanced course. It has helped him learn and understand the words and its accent. Also pictures in worksheets helped to visualise the things quickly and properly. His speaking ability has also improved with words he learned during the class.”

- Parent of Reet Vadodaria

Dhaval Patel

“The Little Genius class supports us in many ways. They teach us easy ways to learn English grammar. My kids find it useful for school studies and Olympiad exams as well. Even with online classes and the present condition, we are made to feel comfortable with the Little Genius online classes.”

- Parent of Aarya Patel & Daksh Patel

Meena Pandey

“They teach children very nicely! They understand everything!”

- Parent of Priyanshi Pandey

Khushboo Nandwani

“Maam I am very thankful to Little Genius, especially during this pandemic. You have provided such a smooth teaching that it helped my kids a lot. My daughter is in level 4. She is one of your older students and she loves and enjoys your class. My son is new as he is in Jr kg but he is doing everything he learns from his class. I must say he is doing very nice. He can read simple small sentences with the CVC words which are taught in class. In this time, if you were not there my kids wouldnt have reached this stage. Thank you so much, dear mam. I cant express in words how much I appreciate your work and dedication Thanks a lot maam.”

- Parent of Dhrish Nandwani & Dhiya Nandwani

Arpita Shah

“We have seen so much development in my child ever since he joined. The way you take up every single topic each week and revise it for the next class, makes the topic so easy for kids. They are continuously in search of teaching something new and interesting to the kids and they do it with great efforts. Always their syllabus is ahead of school, that is the best.”

- Parent of Hiyan Tejas Shah

Dhruti Patel

“As we all know the world is going through the worst phase in the form of this pandemic, So I just want to drop a note of appreciation for you to tell how thankful we are towards you for putting all your efforts, time and hard work behind our child. The way you teach is incredible, All the concepts you explain are done in detail and deeply which results in my childs intellectual growth. Moreover, the positive thing this pandemic brought is that our children are introduced to new technology and now they know the importance of time and literacy. The way you teach and your hard work results in my child is growing and blooming.Again, many, many thanks for your hard work behind our child and I appreciate your smooth teaching techniques and ways. Please, keep it up...”

- Parent of Kamakshi Patel

Ruchi Popat

“We are really happy with the teaching techniques and teachers. The overall content of the material provided is really superb. Kids get enough practice of writing in class itself. I would defintely recommend this to my other friends.”

- Parent of Ayaan Popat

Devashree Dave

“We are extremely happy and satisfied with the progress of our child. The methodical teaching has helped the child grasp the concepts with ease.”

- Parent of Swara Dave