Purvi Patel

“The way of teaching and learning ensures the information enters directly into their mind. Superb! They help students in each and every situation.... My daughters are happy to go Little Genius. When do we have to go? When will Thursday and Friday come? Tiya and Aarna both, are waiting. They want to go every day...thank you so much...”

- Parent of Aarna Patel & Tiya Patel


“The platform is very user friendly. There are lessons for parents as well as the students. The lessons are well structured with a very systematic progression of topics. The teachers provide a clear breakdown of concepts. You can try a problem several times giving you the confidence to continue. There are lessons on a number of different subjects. Thank you.”

- Parent of Aadhya Punjabi

Maithili Patel (Former Student)

“Janet Mam is just awesome !! Here at Little Genius, whether the child is bright or dull, silent or outspoken, each and every child is given equal attention .. I guess the weaker children are given much, much, much more attention... also each and every teacher is very friendly to all the students...and here even the teachers understand that being a student is also as difficult as being a teacher.. so they teach in a way that a child grasps everything very easily!! I remember all the topics till date that Janet Mam taught me..also I feel that Little Genius is one of the best English vocabulary and phonics classes in town !”

Bhavna Turakhiya

“Thank you Little Genius for teaching our children so well! My children have developed spoken skills and built their knowledge base... Our childrens general knowledge has also improved from doing the Math World program.”

- Parent of Preyansh Turakhiya and Purvansh Turakhiya

Sanjay Mirani

“Janet mam is truly a genius and excellent. She has done wonders in building a foundation for our kids towards a bright future. THANKS a lot.”

- Parent of Jiya Mirani

Swati Parmar

“A perfect learning place for kids.... my kid enjoy the classes a lot. It makes learning English easier for kids....”

- Parent of Krutharth Parmar

Amrit Vatnani

“Very helpful and perfect!”

- Parent of Krishna Vatnani

Krishna Pandit

“Fantastic teaching methodology!”

Shilpa Shah

“I Dhairya Shah L-4 have joined Little Genius Academy since 2 years I have found to the great pleasure of my parents and peers that my English has significantly improved. My sentences are grammatically correct, all thanks to your Academy. I specially like to solve all your worksheets. It gives me great joy! ”

Sweety Shah

“Best class.,....appreciate their work during lockdown.....each and every query is solved by management. Thanks Janet mam! ”