The Mystery of Lost Girls

Hello Readers!

Let me introduce you to our awesome detectives, Kashish and Ruhi.

Ruhi is a bold girl with a love for dolls and dance.

Kashish is very intelligent and also a bookworm.

Chapter 1:

Our detectives have visitors!

One sunny day, the girls were watching television.

Suddenly, something went ringggggggggggg, ringggggggggggggg.

“What’s that?” asked Ruhi, scared.

“Sorry Ruhi, it’s my phone”, answered Kashish.

“Go, get it”, said Ruhi jokingly.

Kashish answered her phone and chatted for a few minutes. Then she turned around with an excited look on her face. “They are coming!” She exclaimed.

“Who is coming?” asked Ruhi, surprised.

“Jemina and Jerusha!”, Kashish exclaimed.

Jemina and Jerusha were friends of Kashish and Ruhi.

Kashish said, “I will go, pick them up in my car”.

That evening, Kashish went to the airport in her car. On reaching the arrival terminal, she saw Jemina and Jerusha. They both were smiling. Kashish rushed up to them.

“Guys, so good to see you”, she said. “I will drop you home and go to get some yogurt".

“Sure”, Jemina agreed. But Jerusha said, “No, I want to get the hang of the city, so I will get the yogurt.”

Kashish got Jemina and Jerusha home and then Jerusha headed to the yogurt shop.

Chapter 2

Where is Jerusha?

An hour passed, but Jerusha didn’t come, so they were really worried. Kashish tried to call her, but Jerusha did not respond. Ruhi assured them saying, maybe she went to get some other items.

So they waited for some time, but when Jerusha didn’t return, nor was her phone reachable, they decided to head out to the yogurt shop to figure out what had happened to Jerusha.

Chapter 3

Detectives go searching!!

Suddenly, Jemina remembered about the new watch that Jerusha had bought last week, which had a GPS chip inside it. Jemina could find the location of the watch on her cell phone. Jemina explained the watch to Kashish and Ruhi. “Let’s check her watch signal,” she said.

So they checked Jemina’s phone. It showed the location of the tropical forest of Andaman Nicobar. Ruhi said, “Weird! how did her watch reach Andaman Nicobar forest?” Kashish said, “I don’t know how, but we should go to the forest and find out.”

”Somebody needs to stay here and monitor her location and also bring additional help if needed,” said Ruhi. Jemina said, “I will, as I don’t have much expertise in these kinds of things.” So Kashish and Ruhi decided to go.

They packed their bags. After bidding goodbye, they quickly went to the airport, bought their tickets, and jumped onto the plane. They had left at 12:00 AM and arrived at 2:00 AM (Ruhi and Kashish live in Alaska, and they are going to the boreal forest in Alaska). They checked into the hotel, freshened up, and immediately left for the tropical forest. The locals there told them not to venture into the forest at night. They can help them search for their friends in the morning. They hesitantly agreed.

Chapter 4

Wandering through the dense forest of Andaman Nicobar islands

It had been a day since Jerusha was missing. The next day, Jemina confirmed that Jerusha was still in the tropical forest, so they started right away towards their location. But wandering through the dense forest wasn’t easy. They were so many trees and potentially wild animals as well.

Half an hour later, Kashish exclaimed: “Here, it’s Jerusha’s sparkling ring.” Ruhi ran to Kashish’s side.

“Look a note!” said Kashish. Attached to the ring was a small piece of paper. It read: ’Dear one that reads this, I am Jerusha. I am deep inside the Jungle. Please help me out.”

Ruhi said, “So we have a clue!”

Beeeep! rang something

Kashish said, “It’s my phone. Oh! A message from Jemina”.

The message read: Dear Kashish; the signal shows that Jerusha has moved further deep inside the jungle’.

“So the information is indeed from Jerusha,” said Ruhi, looking at the piece of paper.

So, they moved deeper until the trees suddenly ended, and there was only sand at their feet.

Ruhi said, “I don’t think Jerusha will be here.” Kashish was going to respond when she noticed a small rabbit coming out of a burrow. She said, “Ruhi, look! That burrow looks big enough for a human to get inside.” They went over to the burrow and dug a bit until it looked big enough to get inside. “They jumped down cautiously.

They made their way through the hole. The hole was very dark. Ruhi switched on her torch. They continued forward. Suddenly, they heard sounds and stopped.

Ruhi said, “I will go and check it out.” A minute later, she came back but not alone. There was another figure walking with her! As soon as they came closer, Kashish noticed that the other figure was Jerusha.

“How did you land up here?” asked Ruhi.

Jerusha said, “It’s a long story. Can we talk later? I am exhausted.”

“Sure, sure,” the others said.”

They quickly went back to the hotel and called Jemina to share the good news. She said that she already knew because her signals were strong and from the hotel!

While Jerusha was resting, Kashish quickly booked a return flight. It was still 12:30 in the afternoon. The group quickly made their way to the airport, boarded their flight, and came home.

Chapter 5

Jerusha narrates her story.

Once they were home, they took some rest and then started listening to Jerusha’s tale. Jerusha began her story: When I went to the yogurt shop, the shopkeeper told me to go into a room to get the best yogurt. When I opened the door, I was pushed into a dark tunnel which ended in a room and felt unconscious (maybe the room was filled with a gas which made people unconscious), and when I gained consciousness, I found myself in a cottage.

After some time, a man opened the door of the cottage and said, “You are coming with me.”

“But where are you taking me,” I said.

The man said, “Shut up and follow me. You are now my slave and will work with me your entire life. Ha ha ha”.

I was shocked to hear this but got over it and started to think of a plan as to how I could escape.

Jerusha continued: “I came up with a plan and threw my glittering necklace in bushes and told the man, “Uncle, I saw something glittering behind the bushes; I think it is diamond.” So the man, overcome with greed, went behind the bushes to look for the diamond necklace. As soon as the man went behind the bushes, I ran very fast. The man chased me, but I was too fast for him. After running for half an hour and tired I finally decided that the man was far away and decided to leave a trail. I found some paper in my pocket and a pen and wrote a note. I attached it to my ring and threw it in the forest. Then I came across a burrow. Without thinking, I jumped down. I decided that I would remain in the burrow till at least the morning. I was finding ways to come out of the burrow. That’s when Ruhi found me. Jerusha finished their story.

But who would want to push you in a dark tunnel? Jemina wondered. “I don’t know,” said Jerusha.

Chapter 6


Kashish said, “I have a plan.”

She explained her plan to the other. After she told them the plan, they headed straight towards the police station. The police officer was sitting at the desk there.

Ruhi explained everything. She also explained Kashish’s plan.

“Hmmm,” He said and continued, “Who would volunteer for this plan?”

“I will do it,” said Ruhi.

The police officer said, “It’s a bit dangerous, are you sure?”

“Absolutely,” nodded Ruhi.

“Ok, let’s do it then,” said everybody.

Ruhi quickly put on Jerusha’s watch and went to the yogurt shop. Similar to others, she was also told to go to the room and was pushed into the dark tunnel and found herself in a cottage similar to what Jerusha had described. She met the same man, and he took her to a huge mansion just outside the forest. There, Ruhi saw many girls working.

“So that’s what these rogues do with the girls who they kidnap,” mumbled Ruhi to herself.

She was also told to work there. Ruhi obliged silently. Meanwhile, the others had got Ruhi’s location and climbed onto police helicopters. They quickly set off, and they reached the forest and sneaked near the mansion. Kashish peeped in and saw Ruhi and many other girls working.

The police quickly sprang into action and caught the gang of rogues. Meanwhile, Jemina wasn’t with them. She was with some other police officers who had gone to the shop after Ruhi disappeared and caught the shopkeeper.

All the girls were freed. “Thank you,” they said.

All the girls returned home. The gang of rogues was arrested. It turned out that the shopkeeper belonged to the rogue gang as well. They wanted girls who could slave in their mansion, so they had devised this evil way. The scared girls would not know where they were, so silently, they continued to slave in the mansion.

The police now had enough evidence to prosecute them, thanks to the bravery of Ruhi and Kashish!

Everybody praised the BFF Gang and dubbed them saviour girls. They were also given the “Bravery Award” by the President of India.

Student Name: Kashish Naik

Age: 11 Years

School: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans

Author Bio:

I am Kashish Naik. I love to read and write mystery/ thriller books. I usually read books written by authors like Franklin W. Dixon (Hardy boys) and Carolyn Keene (Nancy drew). I write about two detectives named Kashish and Ruhi. These characters are based on my younger sister and I. Join us on our exciting adventures!

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