Two Best Friends

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jesica. Her best friend's name was Priya.

One day Jesica went to Priya’s house for a sleepover.

After some time, Priya’s mother came and said, "Girls go to sleep."

Jesica: Aunty please after sometime. We want some more time to play.

Priya’s Mom: Ok! (Smiled)

Next morning Jesica’s mother came and said:

Come Jesica it’s time to go home.

Jesica: I want to play more with Priya. Can I come after breakfast?

Jesica’s Mom: Ok...

It was 12 o'clock and Jesica’s mom came to pick her up.

Jesica’s Mom: Jesica, come it’s getting late.

Jesica: No Mom, after lunch please!

Priya: Please aunty. It’s a request.

Later after lunch hour.

Jesica’s Mom: Ok girls, It’s 4 o’clock. Jessica, It's time to go.

Jesica: Ok mom.

Jesica: Bye Priya! See you soon!

Priya: Bye-bye Jesica! Thanks for coming. You made my day Jesica. (Smiled).

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