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For the past two decades, Little Genius has enriched more than 15000 young minds with specialised English language, reading and, communication skills. This signature program is now supplemented with new programs designed to enhance children’s knowledge of the world, its events, and mathematical literacy.

Young Learners to Confident Leaders
Young Learners to Confident Leaders
Young Learners

We aim to transform today’s young learners into confident leaders. These successful global citizens will leave a lasting impression in a world where the knowledge of ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ will play a pivotal role.

Little Genius is not a tuition class, and our curriculum goes beyond regular school learning. By substituting rote with logical reasoning, we encourage children to delve deeper into the language, igniting curiosity and creativity.

Young Learner

Learn English – The Correct Way
Learn English

Our young learners imbibe all essential components of the language – Phonics, Grammar, Vocabulary, Public Speaking, and Creative Writing. Through scientifically designed, systematic learning programs, children become as proficient in English as native English speakers. It is essential to learn English the correct way, from the beginning. Children find it difficult to unlearn the incorrect methodologies they have imbibed and relearn.

learn english

It is easier to write on a young child’s mind, a blank slate, rather than erase and try to rewrite at a later stage.

Exploring Possibilities
Exploring Possibilities

Our belief in holistic development has led us to expand our offerings to include the ‘Math World’. This program covers mathematics, world discovery and analytical reasoning, leading to a deeper understanding of the world in which we live.

Exploring Possibilities

Encourages Learning
An Environment that Encourages Learning
Environment that Encourages Learning

At Little Genius, we keep pace with technology. Each digital classroom incorporates modern teaching tools and visual aids, allowing us to ‘show’, rather than just ‘tell’. A well-stocked library at each centre encourages each child to dive into the world of reading.


Starting from evolution to pioneering the next revolution.

We, as humans, have evolved over millennia. And evolutionary changes require change-makers. These confident disruptors and leaders spearhead revolutions. All leaders have one common trait - they can think ‘out of the box’.

How does Little Genius help a child develop
‘out of the box’ or ‘lateral thinking’ abilities?

Little Genius provides opportunities for children to use their senses to develop their powers of observation. It enhances their ability to sort, classify, explore, predict, experiment, and review their work.

Communication Skills
Communication Skills

Effective communication is when you convey your ideas in a clear, concise, and well-articulated manner. The Little Genius English Enrichment Program gives kids the confidence to share ideas in groups, have meaningful conversations, or express their views in a public setting.

Awareness of the World We Inhabit
Awareness of the World We Inhabit

Our children cannot afford to live in isolated bubbles. The world is a melting pot of diverse cultures, varied histories, natural life, and biospheres.

Little Genius students learn not only about current events, but also the stories and incidents in the past, which led to the current scenario.

Critical Thinking and Logical Aptitude
Critical Thinking and Logical Aptitude

Critical thinking skills allow one to comprehend knowledge and assess & analyze data to make smart decisions. The Math World program helps develop logical reasoning, process writing, and problem-solving skills in a methodical manner.

When children are able to process information through the funnel of Critical Thinking, it turns into knowledge.

When should this process begin for your child?

Neuroscience research has shown that early childhood is a time of tremendous brain development. Little Genius programs ensure that children do not miss these windows of maximum development.

We start training our children as early as the age of 3.5 years.

Little Genius